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Hi, my name is Laura and I found myself a new passion that brings me a lot of joy - writing. For now I´m writing about One Direction but maybe over a time I will write about someone else. Who knows. :) I hope you liked, like and will like my stories and if so, please write comments. I´m really grateful for them because they are giving me the strenght and the fancy to write more and more. Thank you so much :) :-* FB - https://www.facebook.com/vojtekova.laura ... TT - https://twitter.com/LauraVojtek ... FB fanpage - https://www.facebook.com/LaliStories?ref=hl ... Ask.fm -http://ask.fm/LauraVojtek

utorok 23. apríla 2013

Bring Me To ... Part 1

Taaaaaak ... a je tu sľubovaná jednodielovka :) ale len prvá časť :) takže to vlastne nebude jednodielovka ale zase to nebude tak rozsiahle ako iné poviedky :) je to po anglicky, no samozrejme nie 100% správne :) určite sa tam nájde veľa chýb, no snažila som sa :) je to príbeh, do ktorého sa myslím že vžije každá z nás akoby snila nejaký krásny sen ... najmä fanynky Liama :) tak hurá do čítania ... hope you´ll like it ;-)

Part 1
“Chloe, I have a surprise for you!” I smiled at my little sister. Well, she´s not so little. She´s 15 but to me she will always be little.
“Is it today some special day or what?” she asked confused.
“No, but maybe it will be,” I grinned. “Come,” I showed her the direction and she moved. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of moving wheelchair on a floor. Yes, my sister is disabled. She had a terrible accident on a bike a year ago and since then … Her life has been hard but she deals with it very bravely.
We went through the hall and stopped in front of the front-door.
“Close your eyes,” I said to her and she listened. As soon as her eyes were closed, I came to the door and opened them. The whole TV crew was standing outside and waiting for me. I invited them inside and they stood up before my sister. I took a big golden sign from the moderator and stood up into the middle of them.
“Now you can open them,” I said enthusiastically and waited for her reaction. At first, she looked confused but then she noticed the sign in my hands.
“Ooooh myyyyyyy goddeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!!!!!” she screamed and covered her mouth with hands. “You must me kidding!”
“No, I´m not,” I laughed. “You won it.”
“This is incredible! I can´t believe it! It´s like a dream.”
“But it´s true,” I smiled and gave her the golden sign. What was there written? What was she so excited about? She won Golden Ticket to One Direction concert in New York. She loved them. Her room is full of posters, she bought all their albums and tour DVD and couple of other things. As they announced that one fan can win free tickets to their concert she couldn´t stop talking about how wonderful it would be. And now she will live her dream.
“I can´t believe it,” she kept repeating it. She was so happy.
“Can we take a photo of you?” asked the reporter.
“Of course,” she smiled. “But … Tessa, could you help me sit down on a couch, please?”
“Sure,” I responded and helped her. I knew why she wanted to sit there. She didn´t wanted the world to know that she is disabled. I understood that. She wanted me to take a photo with here so I hugged her and smiled. When they had everything they wanted, they told us about the flight and how it will go on. After that they left.
“Soooo?” I looked at her.
“This will be absolutely the most amazing trip we´ve ever been to!” she smiled and I was so happy for her.

At the airport
“Do you have everything?” our mum asked.
“Sure,” we replied annoyed.
“Passports, flight tickets, concert tickets ….”
“Mum! We have everything. I will take care of her,” I said.
“Okay, okay. Be careful,” she smiled and hugged us both. We waited for Chloe´s friend, Vanessa, and we passed through all the controls. In the plane, we were sitting at the back where the special seats for disabled were and Chloe and Vanessa kept talking about One Direction. I wasn´t so interested in that talk so I put on my headphones and listened to Maroon 5. 

In the hotel
Till we actually got our room keys, we had to introduce ourselves at the reception where was also the video camera and they two got 1D packages. I was so tired I almost fell asleep when we stood before the video camera and they were talking how big fan they are.
“Hi, I´m Chloe, this is Vanessa and this is my sister Tessa. We´re from Norway and to win this ticket I had to answer the 1D quiz and send pictures of my room full of posters. It is really incredible to be here and we are so exciteeeed!”
After that we finally went to our room and we started to unpack. I finished earlier than two of them so I took my notebook and pencil and went outside the room. I was looking for a calm place where I could draw so I went higher and higher until there were no fans on the 18th floor.
I sit down on the staircase and forget about the time. I was drawing some pictures until I was woken up to the reality by slamming the door. I looked around me a little bit scared and disoriented when the voice behind me chuckled. 
“I am sorry if I scared you.”
I looked behind me and the person I saw just blew my breath away. It was Liam Payne himself. But … he was taller and nicer than I thought. Suddenly my hands started to sweat and my voice got stuck in my throat.
“Are you … okay?” he asked politely.
“Yes … I´m fine,” I replied after a while.
“Have I interrupted you?”
“No … I was just … “ I looked at my doodles and covered them with my hands. “Nothing.”
“Really? It seems like you´ve been doing something,” he smiled and my heart skipped a beat.
“Just drawing some … things.”
“Can I see them?” he smiled and sat down next to me. I was looking at his face and I couldn´t move. He kept smiling and waited for me to show him my art.
“Oh,” I revived and unwillingly gave him my notebook. I looked down at my feet and was quite embarrassed. What is happening to me? It´s just a normal boy! I thought but it wasn´t like that. He had special voice and he was famous. Just as his four friends. I heard him say something but I wasn´t paying attention.
“Sorry, what were you saying?” I asked him and he smiled.
“I´m just saying that you are really talented. These pictures are brilliant.”
“Hmm … thank you,” I replied hesitantly. I was still nervous of him.
“You could paint a picture of me,” he smiled.
“Ehm, well … I am … I don´t think …”
“It´s ok. I was joking,” he laughed. “Why are you so nervous?”
“I am not nervous.”
“Yes, you are,” he smirked. “It is because of me?”
“I should go,” I said and stood up.
“Wait,” he caught my hand and stopped me from going away. “What´s your name?”
“I´m Theressa. But my friends call me Tessa.”
“I´m Liam. Can I call you Tessa?”
“So I guess we are friends,” he smiled. He was so adorable. I couldn´t think about anything but his beautiful eyes. I was standing like a statue looking to his face and not saying anything. He wasn´t neither. Suddenly the other door opened and the head showed up.
“Liam, we should go to MSG,” Niall said and disappeared. I wasn´t sure if he even saw me. I used Liam´s inattention and went down the stairs. But I didn´t get far.
“Tessa, wait,” he said. “Will I see you again?”
“I suppose so,” I smiled when the upcoming event came to my mind. “Bye, Liam,” I waved and disappeared. When I got to the room, I shut the door and I tried to slow down my breath and heartbeat. But I couldn´t. I smiled to myself and went to the room to check on the girls. But they were not there…

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  1. Wow! Zatiaľ je to super :) A prekvapivo sa mi to podarilo preložiť O.o :D
    Teším sa na ďalšiu časť :3

  2. Jeeej je to super a ani neni ťažké ju preložiť a v mojom prípade je to zázrak:) teším sa na ďalšiu :)

    1. ďakujem :) snažila som sa ju písať ľahko :)

  3. skvělé.....už se těším na další část :)

  4. výborne :) dúfam, ze dalšiu čast pridáš čoskoro :) a mimochodom, skvelá angličtina :)

    1. aj ja dúfam :) a dakujem pekne

    2. pripajam sa :) a naozaj slusna anglictina ;)

  5. Aaawr:33 Skvele uzasne dokonale!!:333 Teším sa na ďalsiu:33 Sen too:33333

  6. Je to dokonalé ...dokonca som tomu bez problémov rozumela a to zase až tak dobrá v
    angličtine nie som :))

  7. Jej meno mi pripomína moju momentálne najobľúbenejšiu pesničku :3 anyway, je to dokonalé :)

  8. awwww :33 úúúplne brutálne :D mám výraz šialenca, ktorý práve zdrhol z Pezinku :D úúúpne dokonalé a aj anglinu máš super :D iba dve chyby som našla :D dokonalé a veeeeeľmi sa teším na pokračovanie :)

    1. dakujem krásne :) aké ak sa môžem spýtať, aby som sa ich potom vyvarovala :)

    2. tuto to je :) 1) veta What was there written má byť What was written there, lebo miesto ide ako posledné 2) potom She loved them je v minulosti to je akoby ich mala niekedy rada čiže She loves them 3) I can't believe it, she kept repeating it, má byť bez toho posledného it, lebo tam nesedí čiže I can't believe it, she kept repeating 4) potom ako Tessa ukladá Chloe na gauč Máš tam vetu She didn't wanted the world .... na začiatku máš dvojitý minulý čas a myslím si že tá veta by bola lepšia ak by bola prítomná čiže She doesn't want the world ... 5) I sit down on the staircase and forget about the time. by bola lepšia v minulosti aby ti to pasovalo so zvyškom textu I sat down on the staircase and forgot about the time. 6) “Sorry, what were you saying?” by lepšie znela Sorry, what did you say ale toto je len tvoja voľba :) 7) I couldn´t think about anything but his beautiful eyes. to but tam nesedí takže I couldn´t think about anything except for his beautiful eyes. 8) He wasn´t neither dvojitý zápor nemôžeš nikdy mať (ale to vieš :D) takže He wasn´t either :) toť vše, teda dúfam :D

    3. Ďakujem ti krásne :) keď to teraz znovu čátam tak tam tie chyby takmer všetky vidím :D nechápem no ... som si to mala asi ešte raz prečítať :) vďaka

  9. Máš brutálne dobrú angličtinu :3 a ten príbeh? WOW! inak tá baba vyzerá úplne ako El (teda ak to neni ona) :D brutál čosi ty to riadne ďaleko dosiahneš :))

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  12. Lali, toto bolo dokonalé, tvoje písanie ma fascinuje, ako som si zbežne prečítala tvoje nové veci, máš naozaj obrovský talent, vidím, že ťa to veľmi baví a prajem ti veľa šťastia, dúfam, že sa niekde uchytíš a onedlho ti pošlem knihu na podpis! :)

    1. heh :) ďakujem krásne ... baví baví a dúfam že ani nepredstane aspoň ako hobby nie :)

  13. škoda, že to je po anglicky...:/ ja som sa tak tešila, že si ho prečítam :/ ..ale no čo už

  14. keď ju dokončím, tak ju možno preložim :)