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Hi, my name is Laura and I found myself a new passion that brings me a lot of joy - writing. For now I´m writing about One Direction but maybe over a time I will write about someone else. Who knows. :) I hope you liked, like and will like my stories and if so, please write comments. I´m really grateful for them because they are giving me the strenght and the fancy to write more and more. Thank you so much :) :-* FB - https://www.facebook.com/vojtekova.laura ... TT - https://twitter.com/LauraVojtek ... FB fanpage - https://www.facebook.com/LaliStories?ref=hl ... Ask.fm -http://ask.fm/LauraVojtek

utorok 8. júla 2014


I may not seem like that but I really am. I am alive! And I know what I said and that I didn't keep a promise and no excuses. But I am back and I hope you will forgive me, for my delay. 
Yes, I am writing in English because as we say: Na Slovensku po slovensky, then in the UK it will be in English. I know that many of you will not like it, but I need to practice before my uni and you can also practice with me. I am sure, your English will get better if you will read and listen in English. Trust me. My did. 
Sooo ... from the beginning
My Maturita exams finished 22 May and I promised I will be writing next episode of the story. However, my plans had changed a bit. To those, who are interested, I have passed with excellent mark (I do not want to brag about it), so I have met the conditions of my offer to English university. Back to the story. There were a few reasons, why I didn't write a new episode. First and most serious one, was my lack of imagination. I kinda had been experiencing something like "writer's block". My head and my mind was completely clear and without any ideas to continue the story. 
Other reasons, less important, were that I had to be filling out applications for my university, for my student loan and other things. And I have also been spending a quality time with my friends that I will not be seeing so often anymore. And also my boyfriend. Yes, I have a boyfriend. Well ... it's not really a relationship but I don't know how should I call him. We have been really close friends since April (reaaaaaally close, if you know what I mean ;) ) and we have spent a lot of time together. As we kept seeing each other, we found out how much we have in common and we kinda "fell in love" but we never said it out loud. Well .. I never did. Serious relationships are not really for me, especially not at the time when I am moving across the Europe for next three years. It is what it is and I really miss him. And my friends, too. 
But ... back to my excuses. I have been busy with enjoying my time back in Presov, Slovakia, as much as I could so I didn't really want to write .. and I had a "block" of course. Then, finally, came the day when I had to say goodbye to everything important in my life so far and I headed towards pursuing my dream. I still hadn't realised that I am moving for at least a half-year. It still feels like a vacancy. So I came here to London and I started to look for a job. Today was my first interview, not only here, but ever. It went okey but I didn't set my hopes high. As I already had a ticket for metro, I decides to utilize it and I went to Oxford Street ... not to go from one shop to another ... but to go to one specific shop - PRIMARK!
Although I have been to London before, and to Oxford Street too, I had the misfortune that our guide sent us the opposite way than was Primark. But today I have walk in there the first time in my life and ... it is exactly the chaos and mass of people as everybody talks about. But I didn' t care. I took a basket and everything I like I threw there. Then I waited about half an hour in a line just to find out that you can try on only 8 pieces of clothing and then you have to wait in line again to try another 8. So I choose the items that I couldn't try on between shelves and a bra and everything else I left in my basket. From those 8 items, I chose to buy only one and then I try on the cardigan, jeans shirt and a jersey. Everything was okey except for the shirt so I returned it. I went upstairs where was the department of shoes, accesories, bags and home accesories. I chose to buy one sandals, a set of French manicure for one pound and a bracelets for one pound, too. I also bought a scarf. There was a bunch of stuff I really liked but I couldn't spend all my money there, so I decided to buy only the essentials. I returned items like false lashes, cosmetic brushes or sunglasses, each for one pound. 
On my way back home, I have received a message that I have a new voice mail. Of course, I couldn't understand a word, as for the traffic and the noise than for the speed of the person talking. So I went home and played it again and then again. Finally I found out, that he asked me to call him back and I spent a lot of money for voice mail. I need to turn it off cos it took all my credit (I have a British number now - still Orange :D ). The man that has called me was one from the company I have applied for (the only thing I know is that it is catering company) but I didn't catch his name or the name of the company. Nevermind. I did an interview on the phone and then I reserved a date of my interview at another McDonald's for tomorrow. Hopefully, another week I will have a job. 
And now the MOST important news at the end of my confession. NEW PART! Yes, I will continue with the story. I haven't decided yet if it will be in Slovak or English, as I need to practice English (like I mentioned) and as I got used to English keybord and if I switch it to Slovak, words like zemiaky would look like yemiakz :D. Or maybe I could write in Slovak but without "diakritickych znamienok" (netusim, ako sa to povie po anglicky, kedze take ani nemaju). So till the end of the week, I will decide how will I continue with the story, in what language and what the next episode will be about and by Sunday evening you will have a continuation. Hope, you are happy and you have finished reading this as the most important information was the last. Seeya later ;)

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  1. im glad you are writing in EN because during summer i do not have to use and practise my english as much as during school year and this is great way how dont forget everything :D
    i hope you gonna post some more arcticles about your life in UK, some pictures and so on..i think that would be really interesting for all of us.
    also, i wish you good luck :)

    1. im glad i can help :) I will be posting if others wont mind ;)

  2. Ni nemám na toto nervy. Ja som ti tu pred chvíľou napísala sloh a ono mi to vymazalo.Takže to zhrniem.
    Zo začiatku som plakala, nikto nevie, či od šťastia, že tu niečo vidím alebo z toho, že to je v angličtine a nemám náladu na nič v angličtine, lebo v poslom čase všetko čítam v tomto jazyku. No ale som rada, že som to dala a chápem všetkému. Gratulujem k maturite a taktiež k Univerzite :) (Teraz mi napadá príbeh After.možno poznáš)
    Nepíšem v angličtine, lebo som lenivá. a som na Slovensku, čiže si to môžem dovoliť :D (Keď nebudem komentovať nový príspevok, pravdepodobne som v Rakúsku :D )
    Písať by si mohla na striedačku, alebo ako ti to bude viac vyhovovať. Osobne mi to je jedno aj keby to píšeš v mongolčine a mám pocit, že každá z nás by sa priučila novému jazyku a čítala tvoje príspevky, ako keby nemala čítať tvoje príspevky :)
    Teším sa na ďalší post a dúfam, že to už bude časť ;)

    1. dakujem krasne :) poznam After, mam ho ulozeny ale este som sa nedostala k tomu, aby som ho citala :) bude uz cast urcite :)

  3. www.brilliagirl.blogspot.sk prosím navštívte môj blog . je to móde a celebritách :)