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Hi, my name is Laura and I found myself a new passion that brings me a lot of joy - writing. For now I´m writing about One Direction but maybe over a time I will write about someone else. Who knows. :) I hope you liked, like and will like my stories and if so, please write comments. I´m really grateful for them because they are giving me the strenght and the fancy to write more and more. Thank you so much :) :-* FB - https://www.facebook.com/vojtekova.laura ... TT - https://twitter.com/LauraVojtek ... FB fanpage - https://www.facebook.com/LaliStories?ref=hl ... Ask.fm -http://ask.fm/LauraVojtek

streda 15. mája 2013

Bring Me To ... Part 2

Taaaak :) druhá časť "jednodielovky" je dokončená :D dúfam, že sa bude páčiť :)

Part 2
“You gotta be fuckin kiddin me!” I swore and went out of the room. I had no idea where they could possibly be. But the first thing that came to my mind was the lobby. I take the lift downstairs and as the doors were opening, I saw the big group of girls.
“I could have thought so,” I murmured and came closer. I didn´t wanted to interrupt them so I stayed aside and listened to their excited chat. It was three hours before the concert so they were pretty agitated. I couldn´t stop smiling and I was so happy for them. Their dreams were about to come true.
After about an hour they said goodbye to each other and went to the elevator. Finally Chloe saw me. She came to me smiling and she asked why I was there.
“I was looking for you. I was worried,” I said a little bit mad.
“Because I had no idea where you were.”
“But we left you a message.”
“What message?” I didn´t understand.
“That we are going to meet other girls. It was on your bed.”
“Really?” I raised my eyebrows.
“Well … then … forget about it. Let´s go upstairs. You have to prepare, right?”
“Yeaaaaaaaa,” she screamed out loud along with Vanessa and we went to our room. They were preparing themselves almost an hour. By the time they were done, I had been drawing. At first it was just a face but then I realised it was HIS face. I quickly tore it out and gave it under my pillow. I had no idea why I did that. Probably I just wanted to get rid of it. But under my pillow? It was a mystery.
When the girls were ready, we went outside the hotel where the bus for winners was waiting and it drove us in front of the MSG. When we got off the bus, there were screaming fans that didn´t have the tickets and we passed by them like we were stars.
When we were inside, we went straight in front of the stage and, of course, we were sitting in the stalls (pozn. nie sú to len stajne, ako uvádza google translate ale aj prvé rady v divadle alebo v kine, Br.E.). I went back along with other people, usually mothers that were there just supervision.
 As the boys were singing I tried not to look at Liam all the time but I couldn´t help. His beautiful voice hypnotized me and his perfect look was breath-taking. When it was all over, we went back to the hotel and I tried to fall asleep while the girls were talking about the concert. Finally I managed to ignore them and I dropped off.
The next day was supposed to be even better. Well, better for girls because they were about to meet their idols face to face. When we ate breakfast, we all went to the boat that was supposed to take us to the secret place. During the voyage, all girls were playing One Direction motivated games and they sang along.
I was on the deck with my earphones on and I was admiring the surrounding. In my bag I packed the picture with me. I didn´t know why. I just felt like doing it so I did. It was in an envelope. Probably, somewhere deep inside of me, I was hoping to give it to him. But my brain was in doubts.
As we arrived to the destination, we get off the boat and we were following some guys to the grey building. The girls were drawing on a big wall, adorning cupcakes and writing some questions to a big red mailbox. After that we were seated in one big room with the stage and I stayed at the back again so he wouldn´t see me.
When they came out, there was a loud excited welcome. All the boys were smiling and as they sat down they started to sing acoustic version of their first song What Makes You Beautiful. After that they were answering some of the question until they pick out a big envelope. It was mine.
As I was waiting on the boat or in the building, I was drawing some pictures of Liam from my memory. And then, when the girls were sending all their questions, I decided to send that pictures. It was the spur-of-the-moment. And when I did it, I couldn´t take it back. And as the bonus, the total eclipse of my brain, I added my phone number written on a small piece of paper.
All the time I was so nervous and I was hoping they won´t pick up my envelope. But they did and my heart started to beat as far as a racing car. The moderator, who was reading the questions out loud, opened it and his face was showing shock and amusement.
“Well, it seems like we have a really talented admirer of Liam. Look at this,” he gave him all that drawings of mine. All the boys tilted to Liam so they could see and there was a complete silent in the room. Then the Liam smiled and his lips moved as he was saying something. But we couldn´t hear it. He put the envelope under his chair and the moderator kept asking them other questions.
I felt both happy and sad. Well, maybe sad is not the right word. I felt kind of disappointed that they wasn´t asking who drew that or something. He just smiled and that was that. As all the questions were answered we went outside again to the big hall where we had been waiting before and one by one the girls went to another room to meet the boys.
I was sitting in the armchair in the corner and in my mind I was far away. But suddenly I heard Liam´s name and I woke up to the reality. The girls next to me were talking about that pictures and wondering who could draw them. I smiled slightly and even I wanted to pull out my sketchpad, I rather didn´t or I would unveil myself.
Finally it was the time for Norwegian winners to go to the room. Chloe wanted me to go with them and I didn’t protest. With a flock of butterflies in my stomach I stood up and followed some guy. As we were standing in the passageway waiting, Chloe and Vanessa were so excited that they were almost crying. I couldn´t stop smiling and I have to admit I was pretty nervous and excited, too.
All of sudden the doors opened and we were allowed to come in. The girls started to run towards the boys and they were crying. I followed them slowly and closed the door behind me. I was standing aside unnoticed as they were talking to the guys.
Just when I started to feel neglected even if it wasn´t true, Liam turned his face and looked at me. When he realised who I am, his smile grew bigger and he stepped to me.
“I´m glad to see you again,” he grinned.
“Me either,” I replied with a nervous smile.
“I thought I would never see you again. Those were your drawings?”
“Yes,” I smiled. “You mentioned I could draw a picture of you so I did.”
“I´m glad. You´re really talented,” he winked and I blushed.
“Why are you two so intimate?” shouted one of the boys and all the others looked at us. I supposed they hadn´t noticed us according to the surprise on their faces. Liam took my hand and I followed him to them.
“You found another object?” Harry grinned.
“Harold! Stop it!” Liam replied but he didn´t stop smiling.
They were talking another two minutes and then we had to go. The girls said goodbye and we followed another guy in black. But Liam went with us. He stopped right before the door and asked me:
“Could we meet again?”
“I would love to but we are leaving tomorrow.”
“We still have tonight,” he smiled.
“Okay then,” I replied and I was so happy. I couldn´t explain my behaviour. All I knew was that there was something special about him.
“On the staircase at 6 pm?”
“Meet ya there,” I smiled and went to the exit. As I was next the door, I turned and waved at him. Then I closed the door and went to the girls with happy smile on my face.
“Tessa? You know Liam?” Chloe asked me immediately.
“Well, we met yesterday in the hotel,” I said.
“And you hadn´t told me?”
“Sorry, I wasn´t thinking. It was just random.”
“It didn´t seem so random. It looked like you two know each other quite good.”
“Well, we don´t. What´s your point?” I asked with a higher voice.
“You met Liam and you didn’t deem it so important to tell me!”
“Stop yelling at me! If there wasn´t me, you wouldn´t be here!”
She crossed her armes over her body and didn´t say anything.
“Good, so we can go,” I said to myself and pushed her to the lobby. There we waited till it all ends.

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  1. waaaa :D geniálne :) skvelé, ohromujúce :) teším sa na pokračovanie, ako sa to celé vyvinie :3 fakt supeer :)

  2. Som prekvapená sama zo seba že som tomu rozumela. Teším sa na pokračovanie.;-)

  3. dobre sa to číta.. :) toto je už koniec?

  4. skvelé :) som zvedavá na pokračovanie :) už mi táto tvoja poviedka chýbala :) máš vážne talent na písanie :)

  5. Nevolala sa nahodou ta Chloeina kamaratka Vanessa a nie Vicki ? :D