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Hi, my name is Laura and I found myself a new passion that brings me a lot of joy - writing. For now I´m writing about One Direction but maybe over a time I will write about someone else. Who knows. :) I hope you liked, like and will like my stories and if so, please write comments. I´m really grateful for them because they are giving me the strenght and the fancy to write more and more. Thank you so much :) :-* FB - https://www.facebook.com/vojtekova.laura ... TT - https://twitter.com/LauraVojtek ... FB fanpage - https://www.facebook.com/LaliStories?ref=hl ... Ask.fm -http://ask.fm/LauraVojtek

sobota 13. októbra 2012


Zdravím :) viem, neskoro, no predsa lepšie ako nič :) skôr sa bohužiaľ nedalo :) nie som veľmi nadšená z tejto jednodielovky, hlavne kvôli tomu koncu, pretože už som to potrebovala nejako zakončiť tak je to také uponáhľané mám pocit, no hádam sa vám to bude páčiť :) taktiež mala byť táto časť po slovensky podľa ankety, lenže som si chcela vyskúšať, či by som to zvládla napísať po anglicky takže tak :) a dostala som aj ďalší nápad na jednodielovku, hoci by tam viac pasoval Harry, uvidíme či bude so Zaynom alebo s Liamom :) vyjadrite sa, s kým by ste ju chceli :) možno dám s oboma :)

Why do I have to do everything? I asked myself and went to the kitchen to make lunch. I knew how to cook and the boys got used to it. And now I was something like their chef. At first it was fun, but now it was getting on my nerves. But no excuses helped me, so I resigned and did what they wanted me to do.
I picked up some stuff from the fridge and started to prepare them. After about an hour I finished and the lunch was ready.
“Boys, come to eat!” I called them. They run through all rooms and came to the table like retards. I rolled my eyes and put all the meals on the table. I sat down and scooped up the food on my plate. The boys were looking at me like I did something wrong.
“What?” I asked with my mouth full.
“Nothing,” said Louis and took the food too. Other boys continued. What were they expecting? That I will act like a servant and give the full plate before them? No way! They have their own hands, I thought to myself starting to be angry.
When I finished eating, I got up from the table and went to my room.
“And don´t forget to wash dishes!” I shouted on my way and partially angry I went upstairs. I had to calm down, so I put some casual clothes on and went out. No goodbye, no explanations where I´m going, I just closed the door behind me loudly and get on my car.
I didn´t know where I´m going I just needed to me some time alone. Last few days I´d been thinking about leaving the band but then it got better. But we had been arguing almost every day and hadn´t speak to each other. And finally Paul had to come and solve it.
After that it was okey but I still felt kinda nervous and so on. And now I wanted to think over that and find a solution.  Well, the solution had been made but I still wasn´t satisfied. I needed to arrange all the thought in my head.
All the way I was thinking and suddenly I found myself on the road to the beach next to London. I wasn’t planning to go there. My unconscious took the control and drove me there. I didn´t wanted to change the way so I kept going. When I came on the place, I parked my car on some cart-road and walk to the sea.
The beach was stony and I didn´t have right footwear so my feet were hurting. I came to the sea and looked to the horizon of the sea. It was the end of autumn so the sun was falling early and now it was sunset. Only the half of it was seen but it was beautiful.
My unconscious knew where to go, I thought to myself. I looked around for some place to sit down. On the right there was a reefs and huge stones so I went there and climbed up to the biggest. I sat down with my legs crossed and looked down where the water was smashing to the reefs. It was the perfect place.
I thought of the past, presence and future and decided that if I and the boys don’t want to end up singing, we have to make some compromises. And the first will be that we will change with cooking and other stuff. After a couple of hour sitting and watching the sea, my mind was finally “clean” and I decided to go home and speak to the boys.
As I was leaving I noticed two crazy girls were running about the beach and laughing. I stopped for a minute and stared at them. They were both very pretty, but the blond one caught my eye. I was like hypnotized and she was like an angel.
Suddenly she tripped over the stone and fell down. Her friend was running to her with a shock in the face and kneeled to her. I was like a statue, I couldn´t move till I heard the terrible scream.
“Abby!!!”screamed the girl loudly. “Wake up!!!” she shaked with her body. Abby wasn´t moving. “O my god! Somebody help!!!!!” she shouted and my legs finally started to move. I ran to her with my best and kneeled next to Abby against her friend.
“What´s happened?” I asked nervously.
“She felt and fainted. She must have hurt her head!” she said through tears.
“I have a car near. Let´s go!” I said fast and took Abby on my arms. I hurried to the car followed by the brunette one and put her on the back seat. Her friend got up next to her and I sat behind the steering wheel. I started up and turn on the GPS to the nearest hospital.
It was silent during the ride. Only the girl´s sobs were heard. When we got there, I took Abby on my arms against and went to the hospital. Then the doctor came and took her immediately to the examination. I filled the papers with her friend helping and then we sat and waited.
It seemed as hours but after about 10 minutes doctor came out and said:
“She´s okey. She suffered concussion but it was very weak. She will wake up every minute. You can go to see her. When she wakes up, she can go home.”
“Okey, thank you,” I said and follow the girl to the room to see Abby. She was sitting on the bed and holding Abby´s hand. I stood next to window and waited till she wakes up. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked confused.
“Where am I?” she asked.
“Don´t worry. You´re at the hospital.”
“Olivia! What happened?!” she said loudly and sat.
“It´s okey. You fell and he drove us to the hospital.”
“He,” pointed Olivia at me.
“Hi,” I waved.
“Hi? You seem familiar to me.”
“Well … if you´re okey, i´d better go,” I said and aimed to the corridor.
“Thank you,” she said on the halfway and I turned to her.
“You´re welcome,” I smiled and went out to my car. I got in and closed the door behind me. Ou, gosh. What´s wrong with me? I won´t probably see her anymore. You have to wake up, Harry! I said to myself and started up the engine. Next minute I´ve been on my way home with weird feeling in my chest that pulled me back. I ignored it and came home.
“Hi, guys!” I shouted and went to the living room.
“Harry! Where have you been?” Louis asked.
“What are you? My mum?!” I replied. “Nevermind, I wanted to talk with all of you about something.”
“About what?” Zayn asked.
“I´m not willing to be a slave here so no more cooking. We should change or hire some chef.”
“Well, if that´s all we could change with cooking,” said Liam. I didn´t expected so much understanding.
“Okey then. That´s all for now,” I said a little bit surprised and sat to the armchair.
“What are we going to do?” asked Louis.
“Eat!” shouted Niall.
“No, we can´t,” said Liam. “Today our new stylist should come and prepare us for the show. Paul said she is still attending school and she needs some experience. It´s his friend´s daughter, I think.”
“But we can watch a movie till she comes, right?”
“I think yes,” nodded Liam and I turned the TV on.
“What do you wanna see?”
“What about that new movie, Lou gave us?”
“Good idea,” I smiled. “What is it about?”
“No idea. Probably something romantic, but you never know.”
“Okey, let´s check it,” I said and turned the play button. The subtitles were going and suddenly the bell rang.
“She´s probably here,” said Liam and went to open. I stopped the movie and tightened my ears to hear what is going on there.
“Hi, you must be the new stylist, right?” said Liam.
“Yes, that´s me,” said the girl which voice I found familiar.
“Okey, then come in. What´s your name?”
Am I dreaming? Familiar voice. Girl with the same name as the blonde one from hospital. I wondered if it´s really her or just my ears are out of service when suddenly Liam stepped in followed by my blonde angel.
“Guys, this is Abby, our new stylist, Abby this is Louis, Niall, Zayn, Harry and I´m Liam.”
I couldn´t take my eye from her and she stared at me too. After a while it started to be strange to other and Louis asked.
“Do you know each other?”
“We met today,” smiled.
“He saved my life,” she whispered.
“It was not such a big thing.”
“It counts,” she smiled. “Now I know why you were familiar to me. Okey, let´s start, for example with you Liam. Come on,” she clapped and take Liam away. I was hoping she will choose me so we could talk but it didn´t happen. So I had to wait. After a couple of minutes Liam came in overdressed and from upstairs Abby shouted Niall´s name. Then it was Zayn and Louis. I was the last one.
When she finally called me, I was so nervous and happy in the same time I almost exploded. In that little time something was attracting me to her. I wasn´t in love, at least I thought that. When I came in to the room where she was, my heart fastened. I almost forgot to breathe when I saw her.
“Sit down!” she said simply and I obeyed. In next few minutes we were completely silent. I wanted to talk to her but suddenly I couldn´t. I needed to take my courage and it lasted couple of minutes. Finally she finished and packed her things ready to leave.
“Please, wait,” I whispered. She stopped in the middle of her way and turned to me. I was looking at her trying to think of what I wanted to say. That I like her? That she´s the most beautiful girl I have ever seen? That I would be the happiest person if she went out with me?
“Sooo?” I looked at me with a gaze.
“Well, it´s hard to tell but … “ I murmured and came closer to her.
“I can show you,” I smiled and reduced the distance between us. She was looking right to my eyes and no surprise or fear showed on her face. I was a little bit flabbergasted but I finally decided for sure.
Reducing the space between us, my face was only a few inches from her and our bodies were touching. She didn´t pull so I took it as a good sign. Finally when I looked at her lips I couldn´t waste no more time. I joined our lips in sweet gentle kiss and deepened it to passionate struggle.
Then I pulled away a little bit and looked into her eyes.
“I don´t know if I´m in love because we´ve just met but I would be very happy if you tried it with me.”
“I´m sorry, I can´t,” she whispered silently and looked at her feet.
“Because even if my heart beats faster than ever, I don´t wanna be just another girl on your list. I´m sorry,” she said sadly and walked out of the room. I stayed there in absolute shock and didn´t believe in what just had happened.
“No! Abby! Wait!!!” I screamed suddenly and went along. I ran out of the house just when she was getting on the bus. I ran there but the doors were closing. I didn´t think and put my leg between them.
“Ouch!!!” I shouted loudly when the doors pressed my foot. The driver instantly opened them but it hurt as hell. She was looking at me like I was the craziest person on the Earth.
“Please, listen to me,” I said through the pain.
“No, Harry. This is useless.”
“I´ve never felt like this before.”
“But we know each other only a day. No, only a few hours!”
“I know but what we can lose if we try it?”
“I won´t regret it and I would be happy if you neither.”
“I don´t know, Harry!”
“Just say yes so we can go!” shouted somebody from the bus as we´d been talking through the doors.
“Okey then. Let´s try it,” she smiled and I hurried in to hug her. I forgot on my hurt foot and the pain hit me.
“You should go to the doctor. Let me take you there and we´ll be quits,” she laughed and got off the bus. I couldn´t be happier. 

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  1. Nechápem čo sa ti na tej jednodielovke nepáči :) Je krásna!A dosť sa čudujem tomu že som jej rozumela :D aspon viem že niečo z angličtiny aj rozumiem :D :) Je krásna! :)

  2. Wuá:D Je to úžasné:D:) Obdivuju tě za to, že si měla odvahu to napsat a obdivuju tvou anglickou slovní zásobu:) Je to doopravdy pěkné:)) A další jednodílovka.. Byla bych pro Zayna:D:) Ale i Liam je úžasnej, takže je to jedno:)
    Jen tak dál:) Bude zítra část?:)

    1. dakujem pekne :) slovna zasoba niektora a la google translator :D :D

  3. je to úžasne ..konečne niečo po anglicky ! ..ale ja to nechápem ..ako niekto dokáže takto využívat slovnu zásobu ..ja rozumiem všetkemu ale ked mám niečo napísat tak je to len "i love " "i like " "i hate " :DDD takže ta obdivujem .a ešte raz musím povedat že ta jednodiela je úžasna !!! aj ked tý čo po anglicky nevedia budú asi nahnevaní lebo prišli o vela :D :)

    1. dakujem krasne :) taketo slova dokazu vzdy potesit :) a neboj, ja som na tom rovnako :) minule sme mali na skole americkeho vice ambasadora a som mu vsetko rozumela, no ked pride na rozpravanie tak to je horsie :) ja tiez este slovnik alebo prekladac musim pri niektorych slovickach pouzivat :)

  4. Je to super, príbeh sa mi páčil,veľmi:-) nechcem si kaziť dojem kritizovaním tvojej angličtiny,sama si písala že si sa to snažila písať jednoduchšie, nie všetko bolo tak ako malo byť, ale to je len malá chybička krásy, ktorá sa samozrejme dá napraviť. Každopádne musím aj tak pochváliť to ako vieš využiť slovnú zásobu :)

    1. vdaka :) ja viem, ta gramatika uplne od veci tam je :D som ju vobec nekontrolovala a aj keby ze hej tak tam mam kopu chyb :)

  5. Are you kidding me? It´s perfect! :) Ale fakt, vôbec nemáš byť prečo nespokojná. Uvítala by som aj ďalšie poviedky v angličtine :) Viem, že si sa s tým babrala, tak ti tu nebudem vyčítať nejaké chyby. Samozrejme, že sa niečo objavilo, ale myslím, že sme to aj tak všetci pochopili :) A navyše, ako sa tu už hovorilo, máš fakt veľkú slovnú zásobu v angličtine a obdivujem ťa, ako to dokážeš využiť :) Takže prestaň trepať, že to je hrozné! :D vôbec na to nemáš dôvod :)

    1. dakujem :) a ano ta gramatika je otrasna :D ale ta co us :D

    2. Prestaň :D neviem ako by to dopadlo, keby že ja píšem po anglicky :D

  6. Je to krásne!♥ V angličtine je to podla mna ešte lepšie!♥ Len sa toho drž a bola by som rada, ak by si viac jednodieloviek alebo možno aj viacdieloviek napísala po anj:))

    1. uvidime ci sa bude dat :) mozno ak budu napady :) a vdaka

  7. Omg nič nerozumiem daj to aj po sk prosiiin :)))

    1. mozno to prelozim ak bude cas :) ale momentalne fakt nic nestiham

  8. Je to nádherné :DD Myslela som, že tomu rozumieť nebudem , ale rozumela som D:DDD Našťastie som to zvládla, síce s pomocou slovníka, ale to nevadí :DDD ... Máš dokonalú slovnú zásobu :DDD Je skvelé , že to vieš aj využiť :D A tá jednodielovka by mohla byť s Liamom :D

    1. dakujem :) a mne tiez pomahal slovnik ;)

  9. Jé, rozumela som! :D ♥ Tiež si myslím, že v angličtine to vyznelo lepšie. :) Super! ;)

  10. Wow , je to úžasné :) Najprv som si to nechcela prečítať lebo to bolo v angličtine , ale som rada , že som si to prečítala rozumela som takmer všetkému :) a budem rada ked urobíš aj daľšiu jednodielovku v angličtine :) aspon sa viac naučím :) a učitelka nebude domna hustit , že nič neviem :D

    1. dakujem :D len neviem ci ti tato poviedka velmi pomoze, mozno tak so slovickami, lebo gramatika je uplne od veci, som vobec nepozerala na spravnost :)

    2. No ja hlavne potrebujem tú slovnú zásobu lebo stou som na dne :/

    3. no to hej :) to je okrem gramatiky to najdolezitejsie :) ja sa ju ucim najma z lyrics a pozeram filmy v anglictine s anglickymi titulkami plus knihy anglicke citam :) ale i tak ju este az tak velmi dobre neviem :)

  11. pri prvej vete som sa strašne zľakla, či tomu budem rozumieť ale našťastie hej a je to fakt super :)

  12. nádherná :)....budúcu s Liamom poprosím :)

  13. som rada že som aspon niečo rozumelo ale bodlo by keby si to dala ja v slovenčine ak méš napisane či som spravne roozumela :)

    1. nemam napisane po slovenyks :) uz to potom nedokazem prelozit ak to nepisem hned :) no mozno skusim ked bude cas :)

  14. Jeeee Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) :-D:-D Ta poviedka je uzasna a este stale sa cudujem ze som tomu rozumela :-D btw aj ty ozeravas PLL ? :-D

    1. dakujem :) a nie, vobec to nepozeram a niektore tie obrazky su len nahodne :)

  15. very good :) máš pravdu, že to má trošku divný koniec, ale je to predsa jednodielovka :). A privítala by som častejšie niečo také v angličtine....predsa treba vedieť po anglicky, kebyže stretnem chalanov :D
    Ako dlho ti to trvalo napísať?

    1. P.S. Niekde som čítala, že si občas chalani čítajú fanstories....no a teraz budú aj rozumieť keďže je to v angline :D

    2. dakujem :) aspon niekto, kto so mnou suhlasi, som rada :) tak asi o polovicu dlhsie :) lebo predsa len som vsetky slovicka nevypotila sama a ku koncu uz nebol ani napad :) a dobre ze si povedala o tom :) to aby som zacvala vsetko prekladat :D

  16. Lauríí ?! Nejakú časť som si preložila sama, ale predsa len všetko som nevedela.. :/ Mohla by si k tomu dať preklad ?! :) Ďakujem :)

    1. skusim ak bude cas :) lebo momentalne nestiham ani Coincidence pisat :)

    2. Jasné.. chápem. a ďakujem :)

  17. Ahooooj dala by si preklad prosím ??

  18. Ahooj laura pridas preklad ako čítam viaceré si všetko neprelozili samé prosiim nájdi si čas... Vďaka :))

    1. pokusim sa :) len momentalne nestiham ani Coincidence novu cast lebo vela mam ucenia a skoly :)

  19. celkom v pohode to je len ten anglický jakzyk nie je boh vie čo ... taký predpritomný alebo predminulý čas ti asi veľa nehovorí, treba sa doučiť ... ale snažila si sa tak je to dobré, neže sa naštveš za môj názor

    1. americka anglictina pefect tanses nepouziva :) treba si aj vsimat, v akej anglictine to pisem ;-) nehovorim, ze som v anglictine dokonala a samozrejme, ze robm chyby, ale tie casy nepouzivam zamerne